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VMware Player error on Linux

Recently I decided I needed to spend more time on Linux. I am using a Dell Latitude 7480 with 16GB RAM and a 500GB SSD. I installed Linux then I tried to install the latest version of VMware player 16.0.2.

VMware Player Installing

The installation would say it was “successful”, but there would be a bunch of errors.

VMware installation errors

When I started VMware Player, it behaved as expected—prompting for licence agreements etc.

VMware Player Licence Agreements

I created a virtual machine and tried to start it. I then received the following error. “Could not open /dev/-vmmon: No such file or directory. Please make sure that the kernel module ‘vmmon’ is loaded.”

This error would make me curse for hours! I followed various guides telling me to install different packages, gcc, essentials, etc. Then, I saw posts telling me I was using the wrong Linux. Initially, I had installed Ubuntu 21.04. Instead I tried Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, with similar results. It appeared something was wrong with VMware and the Kernal.

After much testing without success, I managed to get lucky. I was in the laptop UEFI/BIOS settings and thought to change “Secure Boot -> Secure Boot Enable” and set it to “Disabled” I was grasping at straws. However, after rebooting, I could now start virtual machines without error! VMware Player is currently working for me. I hope other people who experience this error find this blog post before burning too much time.